Anime Summer Season Preview

Over the past year I have been watching more currently-airing anime than I ever have in my life, which is due to sites like Crunchyroll and Hulu simulcasting seemingly everything that premieres in Japan. The Anime summer season is no different and I’ve caught up on a lot of 1st episodes in the last week. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a short write-up about the summer season of Anime, one that I am pretty excited about. Keep in mind these aren’t reviews, more like first impressions; so don’t start hating… at least not yet.

Akame Ga Kill

In the first episode we meet a naïve young man who travels to the big city to save his little village! So far so stereotypical! Hell I think that just explains the whole show so far. Everything about it seems very average up until the last five minutes when it goes in a very dark direction… and then turns around makes a bunch of bad jokes. So it’s stereotypical and has bad pacing. I’m keeping my eye on it because of the action and some of the side characters but I’m not expecting much.


Tokyo Ghouls

The difference between a horror and an action show is that in the action show somebody gets a cool last line before they keel over dead dramatically. Tokyo Ghouls is not an action show. Bloody, full of shock value and ridiculous action, Tokyo Ghouls strikes me as one of those shows that will be fun to watch but won’t go anywhere significant. Also is anyone sick of the ”What does it mean to be human” line? Because I am.



I am usually not a fan of Slice of Life and romance but I think Glasslip could be going somewhere interesting. This was one of the few that I have seen more episodes past the first and I have to say that I liked it. Yes there will be forced conflict, yes there is a mysterious young man that she doesn’t know anything about but is still in love with for some reason, and yet there is also an interesting plot development about seeing the future. That came out of nowhere I admit but it has me interested in the show.


Sword Art Online II

Alright so I’m just going to say one thing about this enormously popular show: meh. I thought the first season was ok even if the second arc went in a direction I wasn’t expecting nor wanting. It has an amazing concept that ultimately fell short in execution. The second season looks to follow that trend. In short, I’m watching it but I’m not expecting much.


Rail Wars

This show is ridiculous in concept and execution, the kind of show that could be entertaining and not much else. If you have a train fetish you might want to check it out but otherwise I would skip it.


Aldnoah Zero

Full disclosure: I love Gen Urobuchi, this show’s head writer. He does a few concepts very well but usually doesn’t stray from them and Aldnoah zero is no different. Because of this, the show seems pretty cliché for a mech show. There are a few interesting concepts that may keep things fresh, but you want to watch this show because of the execution. The writing and directing seem top notch and you’ll want to stick around to see the relationships between these characters.


Terror in Resonance

Shinichiro Watanabe is one of those directors that can seemingly take on any genre and make a great show. Cowboy Bebop, Samaurai Champloo, Kids on the slope and Space Dandy are incredibly different shows but all great in their own way. Terror in resonance is Watanabe’s take on the psychological thriller, and it had what was in my opinion the best first episode of the season. How he gets us invested with almost no information on the characters I don’t think I’ll ever understand but it’s safe to say that I am definitely invested. This is probably the series I am most excited about.


So those are my impressions of some of the shows this season! If any of these shows end up being masterpieces (or absolutely terrible) I might write a quick review once the season is over, so keep an eye on the site!