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Evo is this weekend!

Alright so as you probably already know we are fans of many different nerdy and geeky things here at The Nerd Assembly. But the thing I have been slowly getting more into over the past few months is Competitive Gaming, or Esports. I have always loved fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom and I’ve recently gotten back into Super Smash Brothers Melee. So you can imagine when the biggest Fighting Game Tournament in the world is happening that I’ll be watching.

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A look back at E3: My top moments

Once again E3 has come and gone and I feel as though it was somewhat lackluster this year. Don’t get me wrong; cinematic trailers and teasers for games can be great, but only in small amounts. It seemed that every game at E3 this year was a teaser, or even worse an announcement of an announcement. Even Halo 5, when 343 has promised to give more information and gameplay details numerous times, only had a cinematic trailer (albeit a pretty awesome one at that). But just like every year when this has happened, games comes along to surprise and excite me for the upcoming years in video games. So here is just a short list of the things I loved most from E3.

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Visually Stunning Anime

A whirlwind of a weekend later and Phoenix Comic-con is out of our lives again, at least for a year. 2014’s pop culture convention (that’s really what they should be calling it) was full of great guests and an even bigger vendor hall than last year. Of course the best part was the baloon-animal Optimus Prime. We got to partake in some of our favorite things to do at Phoenix Comic-con while still managing to do number 10: trying new things.

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10 Must-Dos for Phoenix Comicon

For me, Phoenix Comicon is the best weekend of the year. As a local, I love seeing downtown, which is usually a ghost town, all of a sudden crawling with superheroes, Time Lords, Browncoats, steampunks, Storm Troopers, and furries. The guy offering rickshaw rides from the parking garage is dressed like Darth Vader, the convention center sound system is playing the Star Trek theme song, and everywhere there are nerds. Old nerds, young nerds, in costume and not, eyes shining, clutching their latest purchases, deep in discussion over all things geek. Ahhh….this must be what heaven looks like…

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