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Hands on with Star Trek Timelines

There was much to see this past weekend at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, but I was excited for one thing in particular taking place in the merchandise hall and on stage Sunday afternoon. Disruptor Beam brought their brand new mobile game, Star Trek Timelines, to the show floor and I got a little hands-on time with it.

Star Trek has had a history of missteps when it comes to games, but I have a little more faith in Timelines because of it’s ambassador, John De Lancie, who plays the lovable villain Q. The actor talked at length about the developer and how impressed he was by the team before bringing the CEO of Disruptor Beam on stage. The two talked in depth about the game before answering questions throughout the presentation.

In Star Trek Timelines, something has caused a huge rift in time, and starships and planets from all across the space-time continuum are clashing. Q needs your help to solve disputes cropping up as a result, and it’s up to you to assemble your crew and travel the galaxy mopping up the mess. Because of the timelines merging, you can choose characters from any of the Star Trek series and all of the movies except for the most recent two.

The gameplay is largely made up of starship battles and away missions on planet surfaces. In my time with the game, I experienced first-hand that you have to balance your crew for these situations in order to handle different kinds of scenarios. It isn’t all combat and brute force on away missions; you have to have crewmembers that have stats in negotiation and others that are medics. In Starship battles, as a captain you have to pick crewmembers that can fix shields or handle complex maneuvers.

The game is also about exploration, and when you encounter new races, or old races from a new timeline, you must use your diplomacy skills as a captain to navigate the conversation. In the demo I played, my crew encountered a version of Worf that hates the federation and wants to settle disputes the traditional Klingon way. After battling with the Enterprise, I negotiated with him to stop attacking a helpless planet. As I talked with him, I received in-game awards (usually resources) for the different dialogue choices I made, whether they were diplomatic or hostile.

The problem I see on the horizon for Star Trek Timelines is the simplistic gameplay and repetitive nature of the game. Battling starships seems to just be ordering crew members with a click of a button (you don’t even control the ship). In away missions, you simply match a crewmember with their corresponding problem (for instance Picard would be used to negotiate). It’s all very repetitive, even in my short time with the game.

I think the staying power of the game will be the interactions between the characters. On stage Sunday, the CEO of Disruptor Beam mentioned that they will be writing material for all of the interactions between characters in the game. I’ve never seen 7 of 9 and Spock have a conversation, and as a Star Trek fan that sounds amazing. If handled well, it could make the repetitive nature of the game worth it for the pure joy of bringing together all these different characters.

Of course these are all just first impressions, I’m itching to get my hands on the game for an extended look and see if the gameplay and story can keep me interested. Star Trek Timelines releases this fall, with an closed beta happening very soon, you can visit Disruptor Beam’s website to sign up for the chance to participate!


Nerd Assembly Podcast 4!

This week on NAP we get deep into deep sci-fi! After seeing Interstellar, we talk about mainstream science fiction films from the past decade, and whether this movie marks a change of direction in the industry toward more “intellectual” sci-fi. Of course, we all love a good action-based sci-fi, but sometimes we crave less “Transformers” and more “2001.” So have a listen, and let us know what you think about the future of this most nerdy of genres!

As promised, here’s our recommendations for recent sci-fi to watch:
  • Interstellar: It’s tense and visually stunning, but most importantly, it will make you think!
  • Moon: The members of NAP would like to sincerely apologize for leaving this one out of the podcast this week. We don’t know what came over us! But seriously, Sam Rockwell’s acting will blow you away, as will the twists in this thought-provoking story.
  • Gravity: A bit on the action side of things, but definitely has a lot to say about the tenacity and bravery of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.
  • Snowpiercer: Quirky, tense, and beautifully directed, this actiony sci-fi will stick in your mind for weeks.
  • Europa Report: This one’s a bit on the horror side, and a fantastic indie film.
  • Edge of Tomorrow: Tom Cruise, sprinting through a battlefield.

Nerd Assembly Podcast 3!

This week on the Nerd Assembly Podcast our topic is the newly-announced Marvel and DC Movie lineups and what we are most excited for. We also discuss what we’ve been watching/playing/reading (including Bastion and The Stanley Parable) and the news, which is all about movies this time around!

Marvel Lineup DC Lineup
Captain America: civil War (2016) Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (3/25/16)
Doctor Strange (2016) Suicide Squad (08/05/16)
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017) Wonder Woman (06/23/17)
Thor: Ragnorok (2017) Justice League Part 1(11/17/17)
Black Panther (2017) The Flash (03/23/18)
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (2018) Aquaman (07/27/18)
Captain Marvel (2018) Shazam (04/05/19)
Inhumans (2018) Justice League Part 2 (06/14/19)
Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (2019) Cyborg (04/03/20)
Green Lantern (06/19/20)


Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf is now Live!

NBC is going to attempt a pilot for a US version of The IT Crowd…. again

Naruto is ending and the new movie is canon

New Harry Potter Stories!

Star Wars Episode VII concept art leaked online

Star Wars principal shooting wraps

Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leaked:

Funny tweet from Marvel blaming Hydra

Official Trailer Here


Benedict Cumberbatch will play as Doctor Strange

Warner Bros. announces slate for 2015-2020

Marvel announces full slate of “Phase 3” movies


The Nerd Assembly Podcast Episode 2!

In this weeks NAP (I swear it’s gonna catch on) we talk about how fall TV is consuming us, the Ghostbusters 3 movie, and the recent disappointments of the Assassin’s Creed series. Listen in to find out just how much we hate Connor! (Hint: it’s an absurd amount of hatred)


Sequelitis and Assassin’s Creed

You may not know the term Sequelitis, but I’m almost positive you’ve felt the emotion before. It’s the feeling that you’ve seen/done/read something before in a previous entry in the series and it has generally lost its charm. Whether it’s the Transformers movies, the yearly releases of Call of Duty, or neverending anime like Naruto and Bleach; we’ve all felt Sequelitis before. For me the most striking example is one that I thought I would never grow tired of: Assassin’s Creed. Continue reading Sequelitis and Assassin’s Creed


Nerd Assembly Podcast #1!

Hey everybody! So it’s finally time to unveil something fun we’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s the first episode of the Nerd Assembly Podcast!

In this podcast we talk about what we’ve been watching/reading/playing lately along with some of the most recent news including the iPhone 6, the Minecraft acquisition, and Windows 10. Then we head down memory lane to talk about what set us down the nerdy path!


Evo Recap!

So if you saw my announcement on the site a few weeks ago then you already know that I love watching competitive gaming, especially fighting games. I don’t play them often enough (I am absolutely terrible and switching from game to game is incredibly difficult) but I would never miss watching the Evo World Championships.

Evo is the biggest Fighting Game Tournament in the world, so it’s no surprise that I sat down most of Sunday and watched the finals. I was unfortunately busy during most of the Marvel Vs. Capcom finals, but thank god (or our lord Spooky) that we live in an age where these events are almost immediately on youtube. After watching some of the qualifying rounds and all of the finals, I thought I would give you a recap of some of the finals that I watched on Sunday.

Continue reading Evo Recap!


Evo is this weekend!

Alright so as you probably already know we are fans of many different nerdy and geeky things here at The Nerd Assembly. But the thing I have been slowly getting more into over the past few months is Competitive Gaming, or Esports. I have always loved fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom and I’ve recently gotten back into Super Smash Brothers Melee. So you can imagine when the biggest Fighting Game Tournament in the world is happening that I’ll be watching.

Continue reading Evo is this weekend!


A look back at E3: My top moments

Once again E3 has come and gone and I feel as though it was somewhat lackluster this year. Don’t get me wrong; cinematic trailers and teasers for games can be great, but only in small amounts. It seemed that every game at E3 this year was a teaser, or even worse an announcement of an announcement. Even Halo 5, when 343 has promised to give more information and gameplay details numerous times, only had a cinematic trailer (albeit a pretty awesome one at that). But just like every year when this has happened, games comes along to surprise and excite me for the upcoming years in video games. So here is just a short list of the things I loved most from E3.

Continue reading A look back at E3: My top moments


Photos: Phoenix Comicon 2014

Phoenix Comicon is real up-and-comer in the convention circuit, getting bigger and better each year. 2014 was the best yet, with big name guests, a new and improved Exhibitor Hall, and over 78,000 attendees. You can check out our recap of the weekend here! And if you’re planning on going next year, be sure to read our Top Ten list, so you can get the most out of this amazing con!

But for now, enjoy our photos from Phoenix Comicon 2014:


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