A look back at E3: My top moments

Once again E3 has come and gone and I feel as though it was somewhat lackluster this year. Don’t get me wrong; cinematic trailers and teasers for games can be great, but only in small amounts. It seemed that every game at E3 this year was a teaser, or even worse an announcement of an announcement. Even Halo 5, when 343 has promised to give more information and gameplay details numerous times, only had a cinematic trailer (albeit a pretty awesome one at that). But just like every year when this has happened, games comes along to surprise and excite me for the upcoming years in video games. So here is just a short list of the things I loved most from E3.

Little Big Planet 3

I was not only surprised that this game had such a big presence at Sony’s press conference, but that I was also excited for it when the demo was done. Little Big Planet is one of those games that simply got “Couch Co-op” right. In an industry where that’s pretty rare, it’s cool to see Little Big Planet 3 suddenly come on stage with a live demo that showed a group of people having FUN. Hell, they even failed miserably on stage playing their own game a couple times. The new characters look like they’ll actually add something and the level creation could take a very interesting turn with them involved.

The Order: 1886

I put this on here because every time I see this game I am more perplexed about what the hell it even is. First I thought that it was a generic third-person shooter with “Next-gen” graphics and the concept was interesting (basically it’s steampunk knights of the round table with demons; I know that sounds crazy). Then this gameplay trailer, and I use those words carefully because this could just be fabricated,  completely changed what I thought. Now it seems the game is going for a horror feel, and that seems even more interesting. My only worry is that with all this going on the game will lack focus, but with an original concept like this I hope they pull through.

Sunset Overdrive

This game is ridiculous. Seriously, just go look at it. It’s obnoxious, in-your-face and the gameplay is over-the-top, nonstop action.  I LOVE IT. The game really does look fun, and it makes me sad that it’s a Xbox one exclusive because I don’t think I’ll be getting one any time soon.

Far Cry 4

Ok so I’m basically breaking my own rule with this one I’ll admit but I absolutely have my reasons. The CG Villain Reveal was one of the best things to come out of E3. Not only was it a perfect setup for the game’s story and what to expect out of the title, but it established another insane villain much like Vaas from Far Cry 3. Some would say that they might be too similar, that this is common AAA sequel practice but I disagree. Far Cry 3 had a strong story because of it’s Villains and it’s performances, and judging from this trailer, that looks to be a priority for the fourth game in the series as well. The gameplay trailer is also pretty exciting for anyone who played Far Cry 3, pretty standard first-person shooter fare with an awesome world to explore.

The entirety of Nintendo at E3

I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t think this would happen. I thought Nintendo sectioning themselves off from the rest of E3 and not holding a public press conference was the worst idea of 2014. But they proved me wrong. The Nintendo Treehouse still has an awful and mostly nonsensical name, but the coverage was amazing. Actual developers and localization teams came on the small stage inside Nintendo’s booth and showed off: Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Brothers, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a couple more. There weren’t that many games on display, but the lengthy demos made up for that. The best part was that the developers looked comfortable and authentic; that were actually proud of their products, even if sometimes things didn’t go according to plan (at some point the Hyrule warrior’s Demo person failed a level by trying to show off the rest of the map when he thought he had won).

Not only was their stream from the booth awesome, but their press conference had no awkward pauses, no screw-ups and actually really funny skits from the creators of Robot Chicken (seriously check it out). They announced a few things, talked some business, and even showed some of the Nintendo employees talking about what they do in the company. There wasn’t a lot of gameplay, sure, but when they had been showing off live demo’s every day from their booth it didn’t really matter. Also, the Smash Invitational was pretty amazing for me because it was the first time Nintendo had ever acknowledged a competitive community for one of their games, and that is a step in the right direction.


I’m sure I’ve left out things that people went crazy over at E3 this year. Halo: Master Chief Collection had Halo fans salivating, Rise of the Tomb Raider had me excited but showed no gameplay, and of course Uncharted 4 is coming. So what about you guys: what were your top moments of E3 2014?