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Recap: Phoenix Comicon 2014

OK, has everybody finally recovered from last weekend’s Phoenix Comicon? I’m still having trouble — what a whirlwind! Great, new guests, tons of incredible cosplay, and oh, that huge Exhibitor Hall!

Apparently, attendance was almost 78,000 this year, compared to 2013’s 55,000. And you could tell right away. I mean, Thursday is usually a relaxing evening of badge pickups, Twitter friend reunions, and a bit of wandering around the Exhibitor Hall. You don’t expect a lot of cosplay on day 0, and panels are lucky to fill their seats.

This year? Holy crowds, Batman! Thursday felt like Friday. Which felt like Saturday. And Saturday felt like the nerd-pocolypse.The good news is, the organization was much better this time around. They had traffic flow pretty well handled, the exhibitor hall didn’t feel over crowded, and there were plenty of knowledgeable volunteers around to help out.

Add in new guests like Adam West and Nathan Fillion, and it seems Phoenix Comicon is playing with the big boys now!

We here at The Nerd Assembly had a fantastic time meeting new friends and seeing old ones. We stuck to every item on our Top Ten List, exploring the enlarged Exhibitor Hall, cheering for John Barrowman, and people watching in the upper halls.

We especially made sure to explore some new things, because that is, after all, kind of our thing! On Sunday, there was a fantastic panel about the making of miniatures for the Star Wars films. Fon Davis, who has worked in visual effects for over 25 years, gave a fascinating talk about just what goes into making and filming miniatures for motion pictures. His stories from behind the scenes of the Star Wars prequels, Coraline, and The Matrix were just plain awesome — I can’t wait to see him back in Phoenix next year!

Another newcomer was brilliant actor Cary Elwes. You know, Wesley from The Princess Bride? Robin of Loxley from Men In Tights? The guy whose character Saw is named after?! Yeah, that guy. That guy is awesome. He did impressions of Andre the Giant, hugged everyone who asked him a question, and melted our hearts with those three, little words: “As you wish.”

All in all, 2014 was a stellar year for Phoenix Comicon, and I can’t wait for next year!

What was your favorite part of PHXCC 2014? Let us know in the comments below! Also, check out our pictures from this year here.